Marcello Geppetti Media Company was created to enhance the work of Marcello Geppetti, Italian fotoreporter who has documented facts and habits of his country with an extraordinary artistic sensibility.

Among our aims, we want to systematise and digitise the enormous archive of about one million photos, all taken between 1958 and 1998.

In this vast universe of  moments it is possible to recognise a section of Italian history that, thanks to the skills and willingness of the photographer, cannot be compared to anything else.

Marcello Geppetti, indeed, has lived a reckless life; during his life he was loved, hated and sometimes envied, to the point of being stolen of some of his shots.

A sudden death didn’t allow Geppetti to create a completely well-organised archive.

Marcello Geppetti Media Company, in full accordance with the heirs of Geppetti who belong to the company for a 50%, seeks to make up for lost time and to support the enhancement of other photographers and young artists.